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Hiiiii guys :) I need your help, if possible. I have to do a research paper and I decided to talk about depression. Having said that, I beleive that my research will be better if I have people who have experienced depression before, not some online doctor source thing. If you have experienced or are experiencing depression, if you wouldn’t mind telling me about it, it would be really helpful if you could drop off your experience in my ask box.  You can be anon or not whateverm your help will be greatly appreciated. If you could tell me what caused you to enter to that state, how you where feeling during that time, how you, if you have, got out of that state. I promise I will not judge one sigle bit because I personally have been depressed before, but it would be great to hear your stories, too. Thank you!


i followed my heart and it led me into the fridge

this little idiot is so happy about himself while everyone’s ignoring him


the real question is why did harry do that awkward lil jog for like three seconds